Wednesday, July 28, 2004

Bulgarian Beheading Video

Wednesday, July 21, 2004

MPJ v. 2.0 (beta) & RS v. 3.0 Release Announce

Rustycorp®, in partnership with Initech® , is pleased to announce the simultaneous release of mypetjawa© 2.0 (beta) & Rusty Shackleford v. 3.0 (patent pending).

Both releases can be found here.

No, seriously.  Go here.

Go to my new site now.

If you don't go to my new site, there will be serious consequences. 

I'm not kidding.

Don't make me come after you.

Are you still here?  Freaking unbelievable!! 

Your not going to find anything else good here.

Last chance.

Wednesday, July 14, 2004

Terrorist/Hijacker Arrested in Minneapolis

Via Robert I just learned this:
Federal sources told 5 EYEWITNESS NEWS the man was arrested last Wednesday at Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport. Sources in the Twin Cities and in Washington D.C. said the man arrived on a flight and was taken into federal custody. Along the way, customs agents found disturbing items in his possession.

The U.S. Bureau of Immigration and Customs Enforcement confirmed to 5 EYEWITNESS NEWS that Ali Mohamed Almosaleh is in federal custody in the Twin Cities. He was being detained on an immigration law violation, but federal sources confirmed there is much more than that to this investigation.

Sources confirm Almosaleh was carrying a suicide [sic note] when he was arrested. They say that note indicated a specific time and date for carrying out some sort of public suicide. He was also carrying CDs and DVDs, which federal sources say contained anti-American material. A source also confirms Almosaleh had something with him indicating a connection with at least one known terrorist.

Almosaleh arrived on a KLM flight last week. A source confirmed he began his travels in Syria and stopped in Amsterdam before continuing to the Twin Cities.

A federal source would not say where Almosaleh's final destination was, but that source did indicate it appears Almosaleh had plans to travel beyond the Twin Cities.

One federal official in Washington noted, this is a "very sensitive" investigation.
Could this be the reason I heard Acting Chief of CIA, John McClaughlin, on NPR this morning saying that we were at the highest threat level since 9/11? Was this a lone psycho-terrorist or was he part of a larger plot?

Back to the grind for me.

Tuesday, July 13, 2004

Note To Blog Friends

I need to apologize to my five loyal readers who make a habit of dropping comments: Sorry for being so flaky lately.

I try to respond to comments regularly, but lately I just have not really had time. I'm being seriously here.

I just moved into a new office which took up mucho grande time. Let me tell you, though, it was worth it.

We're hiring a new political scientist which kind of makes me the point man for doing such important work as showing job candidates where the gym is and the explaining the nuances of the rules regarding dating students.

Also, my mother-in-law is in town for the big release of RS v. 3.0 this week. Yeah, I know this would be a perfect excuse to 'work late' and all that, but Mrs. Shackleford will have none of that.

So, to all my regular readers, again I apologize. I don't want to name names, for fear of leaving someone out, but one of the main reasons I blog is to get your comments. Thanks for all you've contributed over the past few months and I'll try to get back on the ball as soon as things settle down around the Ministry of Propaganda.

Al Qaeda Hacks Arkansas

No wonder our servers keep going down (via Robert):
The state of Arkansas unknowingly helped the al-Qaida terrorist network distribute propaganda promoting violence against the United States....

From July 9 to mid-morning yesterday, a self-proclaimed U.S.-based al-Qaida sympathizer known as "Irhabi 007," or Terrorist 007, listed a large number of video and audio files for download by fellow sympathizers, Mansfield reported to WorldNetDaily.

The files were located on an anonymous FTP server at the Arkansas Department of Highways and Transportation in two directories called "007" and "ALQA3EDAH."

Among them were files highly sought after by jihadis, including the al-Qaida films "Badr al Riyadh," "American Hell in Iraq," "Russian Hell," "Martyrs of the Confrontation" and "Wills of Martyrs." Also posted were the Berg beheading video and many audio and video clips of various al-Qaida leaders, including Osama Bin Laden, Ayman al-Zawahiri and Abu Musa'ab al-Zarqawi.
Of course, if this was the right-wing equivalent of DU we would say things like:" Qaeda...interesting coincidence?"

Monday, July 12, 2004

Monkey's Paw: Check

Part I of my diabolical plan to take over the blogsphere has just been completed. I am now the senior political scientist at the University of Texas, Arlen and have inherited all the pomp and laureates that come with such an occasion.

The move to the new office now complete, I begin phase II: Operation Mayhem.

Everything in order?

Monkey's Paw: check
Compass: check
Twistie Straw: check
Mag-Lite flashlight: check

It's all coming together....bide your time, Rusty. Bide your time.

The Six Million Dollar Blog

Dr. Rusty Shackleford, blogger.

"She's breaking up, My Pet Jawa is breaking up...."

My Pet Jawa, a blog barely alive.....

"Gentleman, we can rebuild it.

We have the technology.

We have the capability to make the world's first Bionic Blog.

My Pet Jawa will be that blog.

Better than it was before.

Better . . . stronger . . . faster."

Coming Soon: My Pet Jawa v. 2.0 beta & Rusty Shackleford v. 3.0

Together, we will bring order to the galaxy....

Thursday, July 08, 2004

John Edwards-Heinz-Kerry

Honeymoon photos. But will those private honeymoon videos ever make their way to the internet?

The Seven Deadly Sins of Blogging: Director's Cut

Like the famed Phoenix of Arizona, this post is reborn out of the ashes of last week's archives. What started as a silly post to indulge my vanity has made the internet rounds. Each and every day I find I'm getting hits from new sites linked to this post. (Speaking of, does anyone have a better hit counter than site-meter? Preferably one that will track more than the last 100 hits?).

Like a DJ at a top-forty station I will suck every last hit out of this post until the public cries in unison, "Enough! Away with your foul reposting!!" Besides, with mucho responsibilities around the Ivory Tower and with Rusty Shackleford 3.0 only days away from making his grand appearence, I really haven't had time to sit down and write anything meaningful.

If you've already read it, act like you're at a party. You know, they start playing Fifty-Cent's It's Gettin Hot in Here and someone invariable says what a cool song it is, but you can't really say anything about how that song was interesting the first bajillion times you heard it.....Act like that.

You miss a day blogging. No time for a serious hard-hitting post. Hits are down. What do you do? Engage in the blogosphere's oldest vice: Link dropping!!!

But that's just one of the mortal vices of blogging. What are the others?

Rusty Shackleford presents: The Seven Deadly Sins of Blogging: a brief guide.*

1) The Link Drop Post: Steven Taylor and I prove kindrid souls on this one. Don't think this one works? Do you actually believe Glenn Reynolds was born Satan's right-hand man or had to work on it?

2) Search Terms Post: Google not treating you right? BRD has a full discourse on the merits of porn and conspiracy theories. Sure fire way to up the ol' sitemeter .....and send your soul right to Beelzebub's dominion.

3) The Re-post Post: Had a popular post in the past? Hits down? Ace re-introduces us to one of his greatest hit-jobs. Remember, this sin sometimes counts double.

4) The Blogroll Post: Get bloggers attention fast! The Llama Butchers are ordered to do 5 Hail Mary's and an Our Father for jeapordizing their immortal souls.

5) The Breaking News Post: The blogger ethos requires a link to the first person breaking the story. MH King, Amanda Doerty, Jeff Quinton, James....I say to you repent!!

6) The Caption Contest Post: Win the caption, get a link. See how this works? This sin seems to be reserved for Fridays. Shame on you Kevin!

7) The Recipricol Link Post: Want to up your TTLB Ecosystem rating? Easy. Start an 'Alliance' of 'like-minded bloggers' to recipricate links. (via Commissar) Jessica and Boi From Troi are warned that this mortal sin will not go unpunished!!

In the Name of He Who Rules the Blogosphere I Warn All of You to Repent! Any other Bloggers who engage in these sins have been forwarned. Hell-fire and brimstone await if you do not change your wicked ways!

*Mia Culpa. Yes, I have been guilty of all these vile acts in the past. I have seen the light! I once was lost, but now I'm saved.....

Wednesday, July 07, 2004

Wassef Hassoun (aka Benedict Arnold) Calls Home

Oh holy crap. Backcountry Conservative (cross-posted at the Command Post) and Wizbang are reporting that Cpl. Wassef Hassoun has called his family in Utah (no, they're not Mormon). What was once a crazy theory over at Spoons' blog keeps getting more and more plausible. This guy went AWOL, either with the intention of becoming a traitor or caught a little of the ol' Stockholm Syndrome. Either way, I'm now 60% on board with the notion that he's the enemy (which still leaves a lot of doubt). Which is worse, dying a hero or living as Benedict Arnold?

Incidently, my niece, who is from Marine Cpl. Hassoun's adopted home town (he's originally from Lebannon) of West Jordan, Utah, just joined the Marines and is at Parris Island as we speak. Although little Recruit Shackleford probably won't be reading this post, I do wish her the best. Keep safe!

It pisses me off to no end to think that a fellow Marine, out of her home-town, could have possibly joined the dark forces fighting our brave young men and women. If it turns out he has joined the enemy, I hope they give them Utah justice, rather than Texas. Utah justice is a lot like Texas...only they use a firing squad.

I won't be able to update this post, as Mrs. Shackleford has an OB appointment to make sure that Rusty Shackleford v. 3.0 is on track for delivery later next week. Kevin at Wizbang and Jeff Quinton at Backcountry Conservative will keep you up to date on any Benedict Arnold related developments.

Tuesday, July 06, 2004

Edwards Adjective Update

"Sexy" - MTV

"Skillful"- VOA

"Handsome" - UPI

"Charming" - Business Week

"Charismatic" - Wired

"Smooth-talking" - ABC News

"Charmer" - Reuters

"High-wattage" - LA Times

"Engaging" - NY Times


"Folksy" - Financial Times

"Dynamique" - Le Monde

"Overachiever" - ABC News

Missouri to Terrorists: Show Me

Everyone (Jeff Quinton, Misha, James, Chris Short, Alan) is reporting that the brother of Cpl. Wassef Ali Hassoun has 'received a sign' that Cpl. Hassoun is alive.

In light of my tirade yesterday saying he was dead, is it time for me to eat crow? Not so fast.

First, I'm an adopted son of Missouri, so I say: show me. If Hassoun is alive, where is he? I'll believe it when I see it. I'm sorry, but when someone says they've received 'a sign' with no further elaboration, then red flags have got to go up.

Second, I'm beginning to lean toward the Spoons theory more and more as this wierd drama plays out. You will recall from yesterday's post, that Spoons believes that Cpl. Hassoun deserted and joined the enemy.

If I was to handicap this one, I'd say I was 40% sure that Hassoun is dead, as per yesterday's rant. 35% leaning toward the Spoons-traitor theory. 25% of me has no freaking idea whatsoever. The important thing, though, is that exactly zero parts per million of me is on board the Al Jazeera line that Hassoun was captured, shown mercy by the zombie-terrorzoids who threatened to behead him, and then dropped off at the nearest Stop-n-go. 0%.

John Kerry Gay Marries John Edwards: World Reacts

Yes, it's true....and the way I heard it, John Edwards (via Wizbang) wore a Princess Leah outfit.

Edwards' response: "I'm the bitch?"

Kerry remarks: "Not all the way gay."

Mrs. John Heinz-Kerry: "Sandwich."

"You may kiss the bride."

Who is the pretty-boy on the ticket? The goods from the partisan hacks at the GOP:
A Disingenuous, Unaccomplished Liberal And Friend To Personal Injury Trial Lawyers
Blog reactions at Outside the Beltway

Al Jazeera officially endorses the Kerry-Heinz-Edwards manage-a-trois.

Musicians on Mrs. Heinz-Edwards-Kerry (thanks Jane):

Randy Newman:
Have we got a tough guy here?
Have we got a tough guy from the street?
And he looks just like that dancing wop
In those movies that we've seen
With his cute little chicken shit boots on
And his cute little chicken shit hat
And his cute little chicken shit girlfriends

Ridin' along in back
What's been happening with you boys?
Are you having a nice time on your trip?
All the way from Jersey City
And you look pretty as a picture
Please don't hurt no one tonight
Please don't break no woman's heart
How 'bout it, you little prick?
How 'bout it?
Hope we're gonna get the chance
To show you 'round
Hope we're gonna get the chance
To show you 'round
Talk tough to me,
Pretty Boy Tell us all about the mean streets of home

Talk tough to me
The Mullets:
I see a pretty boy.
(I see a pretty boy)
I see a pretty boy,
And he's laughing in my face.
And everyone likes him
(everyone likes him)
But I'm not jealous
Cause he's everything I hate.
The pretty boy is having fun
The pretty boy is having fun
The pretty boy is having fun
And I'm not
He's got a real loud car
(got a real loud car)
He's never lonely
Cause he's always got a date
Don't want to be like him
(don't want to be like him)
I'd rather be a bum
That's livin' on the street

The pretty boy is having fun
The pretty boy is having fun
The pretty boy is having fun
And I'm not
The pretty boy
Always has on a nice shirt
The pretty boy
Is the kid that I want to hurt

The pretty boy
He takes from me
Everything that I need
He took my pride
He took my girl
And he's the one
That'll rule the world
The pretty boy is having fun
The pretty boy is having fun
The pretty boy is having fun
And I'm not
Joe Jackson:
Pretty boys - on my tv screen
Teeth so white and hair so clean
Pretty boys - sing and play guitars
Pretty boys get to be big stars

How do you rate my sex appeal from one to ten
Is my image just a bit confusing
Maybe I should get a facelift, start again
Maybe I should trade my pointed shoes in
’cause talent don’t count
For pretty boys

Those promo people got a lot to answer for
You can take your face and see just where it fits
Be a pretty pawn in someone else’s war
Your baby blue eyes - somebody else’s wits
Equals success
For pretty boys

I wanna see a human being on my tv set
Want some action for the fat and thin man
They’re getting closer but they ain’t got robots yet
Just a hero with a smile like a tin man
No brains and no heart
Just pretty boys

Monday, July 05, 2004

Newsflash: Gay Man Admires Maddonna

Andrew Sullivan on Madonna:
"I'm in awe. She's 45 years old. The two hours of astonishingly athletic choreography, dazzling video effects, and crowd-pleasing music would have taxed an 18 year-old. She truly is one of the great performers of our time."
Um, if you're going to make a reputation for bucking stereotypes, why do you write this jive? *Sigh* As my good friend Bill Dauterieve says, "They're only stereotypes cause they're mostly true." Yeah, mostly.

Drudge Headline: Official, Kerry has chosen VP

Ok so I get all on the link....only to find? Nothing. Kerry might announce tomorrow. *sigh* Yet another misleading Drudge headline.

Wassef Ali Hassoun Still Dead

(This post will be updated w/o the ol' UPDATE header)

Do we know if Wassef Ali Hassoun is still alive or not? No.

But since speculation is what we bloggers do best, let's speculate for a second. In yesterday's post we said that we were near certain that Cpl. Hassoun was dead and "Do not expect a body to ever be found" because his captors realize that it is a tactical mistake to murder a fellow Muslim.

If anything, the cryptic messages that Cpl. Hassoun has been "moved to a safe location" only bolsters my suspicion that he is dead. Expect fantastic stories to follow--about how Cpl. Hassoun has seen the light, how he agrees with the goals of his Islamist captors, or even that he has joined the Mujahadin. What you should not expect is to ever see him declaring his allegiance to al Qaeda on videotape recorded after July 3rd. He can't. He's dead.

If we do find a body, expect this group to claim he was murdered by the Coalition Forces and for Al Jazeera to report it as the gospel truth.

I hope I'm wrong. I've been wrong before. I don't mind eating crow. What I do mind is that just because terrorist organization says something that the media automatically reports it as if it were true. These people are serial liars who will say anything convenient to further their goals.

I've been checking out other sites to see if I'm alone in my speculations. Mixed results.

Michele posts some of what the media has to say, but I would suggest taking these reports with a little more than a pinch of salt from outlets that term these terrorists as "insurgents" and "militants".

Kevin and James seem to be leaning the other way. Wishful thinking, but I also hope that the reports turn out to be true.

M. H. King, also quoted by Blogs of War, seems to be on the same wavelength as me: "This smells. Bad."

Spoons has a post titled: "THIS STINKS TO HIGH HEAVEN" and he comments "I think this was a set-up from the start," meaning that he believes that Hassoun is AWOL and is in cahoots with the terro-zombies. In the words of Han Solo, "What an interesting smell you've discovered." I don't buy it, but I still give it more credence than the "We caught him, now we're sending him home" ploy that is being played of at Al Jazeera. Mark that one a maybe and put it on the shelf for further review.

Chris Short also says what I'm thinking: "Of course, this could be complete bullshit. Where is the safest place for you to be? Your grave."

Robert Spencer seems to buy that Wassouf is alive: "It is likely that they gave him this option because of his Islamic faith, since the Qur'an forbids Muslims to kill fellow Muslims intentionally (see Sura 4:93)."

Little Miss Atilla, a new blog on my radar screen, says: "It's starting to look like this young man might be alive," but she notes that "the situation is uncertain." We'll put her in the wishful thinking column.

Sunday, July 04, 2004

Happy 4th of July

America is blessed above all other nations.

America is the most moral nation in the world.

America is the last great hope for liberty in the world.

God Bless America.

A few lines from some of the hymns I sang at church today (yes, I go to church):
O beautiful for heroes prov'd
In liberating strife,
Who more than self their country loved,
And mercy more than life.
America! America! May God thy gold refine
Till all success be nobleness,
And ev'ry grain divine. (Verse 3, America the Beautiful)

Our fathers' God to Thee,
Author of Liberty,
To thee we sing,
Long may our land be bright
With Freedom's holy light,
Protect us by thy might
Great God, our King. (Verse 4, America)

Oh, thus be it ever when free men shall stand,
Between their loved homes and the war's desolation;
Blest with vict'ry and peace, may the heav'n-rescued land
Praise the Power that has made and preserved us as a nation.
Then conquer we must, when our cause is just,
And this be our motto: "In God is our trust";
And the star-spangled banner in triumph shall wave
O'er the land of the free and the home of the brave.
(Verse 4, Star Spangled Banner)

A Sleepy Hollow Independence Day

It is with sad heart that I report that another American got the Ichabod Crane treatment. Although there are conflicting reports, it seems likely that we will have confirmation of Corporal Wassef Ali Hassoun death by tomorrow.

Here's my speculation on the conflicting reports: It seems likely that Cpl Hassoun is dead, but that the whoever is responsible for PR for the Ankara Al-sunny Army (the group behind his kidnapping) realizes the major propaganda blow it would receive if pictures were to be released of a Muslim being killed. We need to understand all of these vicious murders of hostages as what they are: political theater. This political theater is not for US consumption, but is acted out for domestic purposes. That is to say, they are not killing Americans to scare America, they are killing Americans to bolster domestic support.

However, when speaking of "domestic politics" in the Muslim world, it is important to not get trapped into projecting our own cultural metaphors onto them. So, when we in the West talk of a nation, we of course are talking about the modern nation-state, with definable boundaries, UN recognition, etc. But an important aspect of Islam is the notion of the "umma", or the nation of believers. While tribal ties, linguistic differences, ethnic identities are important to Muslims, to those serious about their religious identity the notion of the umma trumps all differences. To the true believer, fellow Muslims of whatever nationality are brothers.

So, why deny killing Cpl. Hassoun? You will recall that in Saudi Arabia, during the Khobar incident, that al Qaeda linked terrorists asked potential victims if they were Muslims. If any answered in the affirmative, they were spared. This does not necessarily mean that Islamists really care if they kill fellow Muslims. Far from it, but they do understand that when it turned out that during a previous bombing campaign in Saudi Arabia that most of the victims were Muslims, popular sentiment began to turn against them. Sparing fellow Muslims, to these murderous bastards, is a way to bolster domestic support.

It is my speculation that Cpl. Hassoun is indeed dead, but that these guys realize that it would not go over well with the domestic public once it was found out that he was a fellow Muslim. Do not expect a body to ever be found.

All the usual suspects are linking this story, so I really have nothing new to offer by way of news. James Joyner, Kevin Aylward, Amanda Doerty, and Jeff Quinton all seem to be keeping up to the minute news posts.

With regret, we must also update the Religion of [Insert Ironic Word Here]'s running tally of hostages murdered. May all of your murderers receive God's justice:

1) Corporal Wassef Ali Hassoun (July 3)

2) Keith M. Maupin (June 28)

3) Kim Sun-il (June 22)

4) Paul Johnson (June 18)

5) Hussein Ali Alyan (June 12)

6) Nick Berg (May 12)

7) Fabrizio Quattrocchi (April 16)

8) Martin Burnham (June 7, 2002)

9) Daniel Pearl (Feb. 2, 2002)

Friday, July 02, 2004

Obligatory Brando Post

From our vast army of paid Imperial informants, comes news that Marlon Brando is dead.

If you are one of the pathetic numbnuts who actually gives a crap, please read this post instead.

If you have some sort of emotional attachment to Marlon Brando, yet feel nothing for Dan Eggers, because you-know, like, he was never on TV and all, I have the following message for you: Please commit suicide. I'm serious.
Are you still here? Freaking pathetic. Get a life would you.
What? I thought I told you to leave!


Ok, here are some sites who are covering the 'tragic' and 'untimely' death of Mr. Brando. Who could have seen that one coming? Oh, yeah, these guys.

Jeff Quinton wastes some valuable space linking various blog coverage.

I think Aaron sums it up nicely:
Grim reaper got the wrong walking liberal planetoid. He got the one with talent, not the right one...
Yeah, that.

Michelle beats me to the punch with this. I think her Awesome-O model robot might have helped.

James has the first part of the statement correct:
I’m not sure who called him “the greatest actor of all time,” but it’s a shame he’s dead in any case.
Yeah, it's a shame...but only in the metaphysical sense that anyone eventually has to die. I've never understood the attachment people have to folks they've never met.

I blame Oprah....and the world-wide gynocracy movement.
Freak, are you still lurking? Geeze, get a life.
Ok, so I came back in to check some e-mail and I see this from Amanda:
He was one of my favorites, and I'll miss him.
Remember what I was saying about Oprah?

Just when I was going to bust a nut, James says what we've all been thinking:
The man was 80 and has been a huge tub of lard for as long as I can remember. Is his cause of death that elusive?
Thank goodness the gynocracy hasn't got to you James!

Religion of [Insert Ironic Word Here]

In the Spirit of re-posting while I migrate to my new digs, I present an updated version of this post. Thanks to Publius for reminding me of Daniel Pearle. RIP.
I wasn't able to post on Keith Maupin's murder. I think my message to those that killed him would, you know, what Dick Cheney said. Followed by what Reagan said, that time he thought the cameras were no longer running his remarks....something about bombing. That.

Is anyone keeping a running tally on the Religion of [Insert Ironic Word Here]'s treatment of hostages?

1) Keith M. Maupin (June 28)

2) Kim Sun-il (June 22)

3) Paul Johnson (June 18)

4) Hussein Ali Alyan (June 12)

5) Nick Berg (May 12)

6) Fabrizio Quattrocchi (April 16)

7) Martin Burnham (June 7, 2002)

8) Daniel Pearle (Feb. 2, 2002)

These are just hostages killed after they've been captured. The list does not include people like the parents of Scott Elliot, of Election Projection, who were simply gunned down in the streets. The list also doesn't count hostages killed in the cross-fire during an attempted rescue operation. I compiled the list with a simple Google search, starting with the words 'hostage executed'. If there are others I'm missing, please e-mail me.

Is it just me, or is there a pattern emerging here? Sorry. My bad. Nothing to see here.

PS: I shamelessly linked this piece at the Beltway Jam today hoping to get some more names added to the list,

Thursday, July 01, 2004

Excuse the Mess

I'm in the process of moving to a new digs for My Pet Jawa. It's all part of the Zionist plot to take over the world, I assure you.

For the next few days I'll be busy figuring out how to use Moveable Type and migrating my posts over to the new site. I'll try to double-post for the next few weeks until everything is operating up to government standards.

Religion of [Insert Here]

I wasn't able to post on Keith Maupin's murder. I think my message to those that killed him would, you know, what Dick Cheney said.

Is anyone keeping a running tally on the Religion of [Insert Ironic Word Here]'s treatment of hostages?

1) Keith M. Maupin (June 28)

2) Kim Sun-il (June 22)

3) Paul Johnson (June 18)

4) Hussein Ali Alyan (June 12)

5) Nick Berg (May 12)

6) Fabrizio Quattrocchi (April 16)

7) Martin Burnham (June 7, 2002)

These are just hostages killed after they've been captured. The list does not include people like the parents of Scott Elliot, of Election Projection, who were simply gunned down in the streets. The list also doesn't count hostages killed in the cross-fire during an attempted rescue operation. I compiled the list with a simple Google search, starting with the words 'hostage executed'. If there are others I'm missing, please e-mail me.

Is it just me, or is there a pattern emerging here? Sorry. My bad. Nothing to see here.

10 Dinar Whores

Saddam Hussein reveals he has the heart of Hitler, the mouth of a Mercheant Marine, and likes to address himself using the 'royal we'. AP report (via Wizbang):
"How could Saddam be tried over Kuwait that said it will reduce Iraqi women to 10-dinar prostitutes?" Saddam asked, referring to himself in the third person. "He defended Iraq's honor and revived its historical rights over those dogs."
Oh, yeah, and speaking of 10 dinar whores (also via Kevin):
Yesterday [Jessica Cutler] sold a novel based on her exploits to HyperionDisney (Walt). Her agent, Michael Carlisle of Carlisle & Company, said the price was "a substantial six figures," and Hyperion would not be more specific. Not only did he sell her novel, he said, but she will also pose nude for the November issue of Playboy. Ms. Cutler's novel will be called "The Washingtonienne," after the name of her blog. Mr. Carlisle said that Ms. Cutler would not speak to the press until the book was published, perhaps a year from now.
How much for the back-door, and can you quote me a price in dinars?