Monday, June 26, 2006

ROP Murders Swedish Journalist in Somalia

Swedish journalist Martin Adler murdered in front of thousands at Islamist rally in Mogadishu...and Reporters Without Borders wants us to believe it was the "warlords" that did it. Nope, couldn't have been one of the thousands of Islamists chanting death to America and carrying placards of Abu Musab al Zarqawi that killed the white guy. Incidentally, the government spokesman--who blamed the "warlords" despite thousands of Sharia fans idling about--represents a regime which congratulated the al Qaeda linked forces as they took over Mogadishu. Nothing to see here folks, the ROP is not responsible. Never has been, never will be.

UPDATE: Click the photo. Now check out what's on the ground. What's with all the shoes? Could it be.....

Hamas Is a Legitimate Political Organization

Cpl. Gilad Shalit held hostage by Hamas.

Friday, June 23, 2006


Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Cybeterrorists Attack The Jawa Report

Islamic cyberterrorists have attacked The Jawa Report.

A Distributed Denial of Service attack was directed at our site by Turkish Islamists irritated at a series of posts we ran making fun of the violence that erupted on the heels of a false story claiming that guards at Guantanamo Bay had flushed a Koran down a toilet. Those posts were later discovered by a Turkish Islamist who then posted links about them at an Islamic chat room.

From there the word spread and at least a dozen Turkish language websites began discussing our cavalier attitude toward their holy book. But it was not the Quran that the post was meant to mock, rather it was Muslim reaction to criticisms of it.

With the Jawa Report now effectively shut down, I again return to the main question posed by the tongue-in-cheek Koran desecration post: Can Islamic societies be tolerant of religious criticism?

This attack is evidence that the answer, sadly, is probably no.

There is not a single Islamic country that would allow me, a non-Muslim, to criticize the Quran or Mohammed. There is not a single Islamic country that would allow me, a non-Muslim, to openly try to convert Muslims to another religion. Not. A. Single. One.

Yes, many Muslim lands were more tolerant of religious dissent at one time, but this is not that time. We do not live in the 14th century. Today Islam is the most intolerant religion in the world.

If I cannot criticize your holy book, if I cannot call tell you how I truly feel about your holy men, if I am not allowed to try to convince you to leave your faith, then I am not truly free.

If you cannot tolerate the above, you are my enemy. If you cannot tolerate the above, you are the common enemy of freedom.

3PO!! 3PO!!!

From the mind of Howie.

3PO: Yes Master Vinnie we ran into some...

Master Vinnie: 3PO! I'm in kind of a hurry, so would you shut up and listen to me! I need you to have R2 shut down all the blog smashers on the Mu.Nu level! I repeat, shut down all the blog smashers on the Mu.Nu level!

3PO: Sir?

Master Vinnie: Have R2 shut down all the blog smashers on the Mu.Nu level!

3PO: Were trying Master Vinnie! Hurry R2!

R2: Whistle-beep, chirp.

Master Vinnie( with louder and more desperate screaming): Shut down all the blog smashers on the level!

3PO: No! No! R2! Shut them all down!!!!

R2: Affirmative beep.

(Rusty and The Princess screaming in background).

Howie(In very short wookie suit): "AAAARGHHH!"....then all screaming......

3PO: Listen to them! They're dying R2. Curse my metal body. I wasn't fast enough. It's all my fault. My poor master.

(Sound over the com becomes cheering)

Master Vinnie: You did it 3PO!!! You did it! (sound of all cheering)

Rusty : Let's hope the old man was able to knock out that tractor beam, otherwise this could be a real short trip. Hit it Chewy!